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Smoking rates across Scotland revealed

It was No Smoking Day 2014, recently, and to promote the day, the British Heart Foundation released some interesting data showing how the proportion of people smoking varies from one place to another in Scotland. Unusually for health data, it was also pretty current, as the data was gathered by ACORN in December 2013. As...

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Environment FOI

Noise complaints go down in Midlothian

Data released from Midlothian Council, which we’ve plotted in the graphic above, shows which towns generated the most noise complaints in 2013. In total, the council received 403 complaints about noise in 2013, but just 20 of them required formal action from the council. The rest were resolved through ‘informal action.’ The total volume of...

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Four Edinburgh constituencies account for 15% of all same sex partnerships

Recently, Edinburgh MSP Marco Biagi considered some of the census data that has appeared in recent months and how it relates to his Edinburgh Central Holyrood constituency. Among the things he commented on in a Holyrood debate was this: “I note that Edinburgh Central does not win the accolade of being the gayest constituency in...

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Environment Map

How long is the waiting list at my local allotment?

This map was made using data from the City of Edinburgh Council. It shows the location of every council allotment site, the waiting list for each site and gives some extra information about the facilities at each site. There are an increasing number of informal growing sites around the city, and a small number of […]

Economy Map

How do wages in Edinburgh compare with other places?

Here is a visualisation from the Office of National Statistics that look at median wages in the whole UK. It’s quite a complex info-graphic, and it’s not responsive, so this post is best viewed on a large screen. On the left, the map shows the median wages in each local authority area in the country […]

Environment FOI Transport

How much use does the council make of electric vehicles?

There is an increasing amount of public money being invested in electric vehicles in Scotland, with money being invested in infrastructure, such as charging points, and money available for private motorists to subsidise the cost of buying them. In principle, electric vehicles hold out the prospect of cleaner, and cheaper transport. Public bodies are among […]

FOI Transport

Are Lothian Buses subsidising the Edinburgh Tram project?

The chart below shows data, obtained by FOI, that reveals the real financial value of Lothian Buses to the City of Edinburgh Council – and it helps us to understand the cost of the Edinburgh Tram project to the city too. It is common knowledge that Lothian Buses pays a dividend to City of Edinburgh […]


Which parts of Edinburgh have the most cars?

This map is colour coordinated according to the proportion of households that have no access to a private car. The red areas are the areas where the highest proportion of households have access to a private vehicle. As the map clearly shows, it is the more affluent, rural areas of Edinburgh where householders are most […]

Health Map

How highly do Edinburgh residents rate their local Doctor?

Amongst the useful bits of data that have been exposed by the Edinburgh Apps project is a dataset of results of the 2011/12 Scottish Patient Experience Survey of GP and Local NHS Services. Around 100 users of each GP practice were surveyed on a range of questions. The map above shows selected results for each […]


Is the council spending too much on street cleaning?

At the September 2013 full council meeting Cllr Mowat queried the efficiency of the City of Edinburgh Council street cleansing service quoting figures from Scottish Quango, the Improvement Service, that suggested council spending was much higher than comparable cities. However, Cllr Hinds responded with a different set of figures that are presented above, giving what […]